We are very to sorry to announce that the Apex Mountain Challenge, which was supposed to take place next weekend in Canada, has been cancelled, due to a lack of registrations.

Apex Mountain Challenge 2017

Please accept my greatest apologies. I am cancelling the race due to lack of funding. Unfortunately, only 9 people have pre-registered, which does not even cover the cost of hay bales. I cannot forsee a way of pulling the event together successfully. I am greatly sorry to any of you who were looking forward to this. Farron Hughes on Facebook

Berry Plasman

This post was written by Berry Plasman

Berry, or Beee as he's known by friends, is a downhill fan from the flattest country in the world. He supports the IDF during races and online, like building/maintaining the (new) IDF website. Next to that he runs Freerides.org, Sk8whls.com and SkateSafe.org.
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