Verdicchio Race 2017

Verdichhio Race 2017

Event info

Dates 26/07 - 29/07/17
City/Country Poggiocupro, Italy
Type World Qualifying Series
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Registration info

Registration fee EUR 185.00
Registration starts Open
Rider limit 180

Track info

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Federico Barboni @

The Italian legendary Team Flat Skateboarding Association is proud to invite you all at this 4-days event in the middle of Italy in Poggiocupro (Cupramontana), in the province of Ancona, up the beautiful hills of the Marche region, where the white grapes grow under the sun for make the most fruity white wine in the world: the Verdicchio!

The road that will characterises the event it’s 2.7 km that starts at the foot of the Castle of Poggiocupro. After the first straight section, the track becomes very technical and fun with wides and fast hairpin. For the ones who was in the last Verdicchio Race 2011 we guarantee that this new track it’s in the same area, and it’s a blast 😉

Here’s the official video from 2015 edition:

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Rider list

# Name Nat.Nat. Category 1 Category 2
1.Yanis MarkarianFR 
2.Marcus AldinucciIT 
3.Tristan CardilloCH 
4.Ruben SchrayDE 
5.Quirin IlmerAT 
6.Daniele AldinucciIT 
7.Christoph SchmalzDE 
8.Emanuele CarusoIT 
9.→ Unpaid IDF memberES 
10.Simone CapozziIT 
11.Jan VocelCZ 
12.Parker SchmidtUS 
13.Konstantin WeiglAT 
14.Sawyer KulmanUS 
15.Alessio SimeoneIT 
16.Matteo RodinisAU 
17.Morgan OwensUS 
18.Loïc EgidoCH 
19.Josh EvansAU 
20.Gaetan RicordFR 
21.Daina BanksUS 
22.Benjamin Jackson-LegrosCA 
23.Cassandra DuchesneCA 
24.Stefano BarbizziIT 
25.Kyle ConnellyUS 
26.Tanner MorelockUS 
27.Santiago Gonzalez SalaberryAR 
28.Luana ChavesBR 
29.Juan DuranAR 
30.→ Unpaid IDF memberCA 
31.Andrea MoreniIT 
32.Rachel BruskoffUS 
33.Candy DunganUS 

Riders p/nationality

  • US - 8
  • IT - 7
  • CA - 3
  • FR - 2
  • DE - 2
  • CH - 2
  • AT - 2
  • AR - 2
  • AU - 2
  • ES - 1
  • CZ - 1
  • BR - 1

There are riders from 12 different nationalities attending this event.