King’s Gate 2017

Kings Gate 2017

Event info

Dates 13/07 - 16/07/17
City/Country Spital am Pyhrn, Austria
Type World Cup
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Registration info

Registration fee EUR 199.00
Registration starts Open
Rider limit 200

Track info

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Felix Rupitsch @



Thursday – Start at 10:30, riding until 18:00
Friday – Start at 10:30, riding until 18:00
Saturday – Start at 10:30, qualifying until 18:00
Sunday – Start at 10:30 with juniors, women, masters, luge and open class until 16:00

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Rider list

# Name Nat.Nat. Category 1 Category 2
1.Yanis MarkarianFROpen skateboard 
2.Andrej IličCZLuge 
3.Ruben SchrayDEOpen skateboard 
4.Luca BardinoCHOpen skateboard 
5.Jan SchererDEOpen skateboard 
6.Tristan CardilloCHOpen skateboardJuniors
7.Marcus AldinucciITOpen skateboard 
8.Christoph SchmalzDEOpen skateboard 
9.Hugo GafnerCHOpen skateboardJuniors
10.Rene MarxDELuge 
11.Rodrigo ReyesCROpen skateboard 
12.George CheesemanGBLuge 
13.Emanuele CarusoITMasters 
14.Elton VejuxFROpen skateboard 
15.Philip RennersDEOpen skateboard 
16.Federico FalcoITOpen skateboard 
17.Tristan FortFROpen skateboard 
18.Lillian BarouilletFROpen skateboard 
19.→ Unpaid IDF memberDEOpen skateboard 
20.Jasmijn HanegraefBEOpen skateboardWomen
21.Lucas PoulainFROpen skateboard 
22.Konstantin WeiglATLuge 
23.Victor Van AudenrodeBEJuniors 
24.Gaetan RicordFROpen skateboard 
25.Lyde BegueFRWomen 
26.Dave SüessCHOpen skateboard 
27.Florent CarlesFROpen skateboard 
28.Diego PonceletESOpen skateboard 
29.Fredrik RogbrantSEOpen skateboard 
30.→ Unpaid IDF memberESOpen skateboardMasters
31.Martin WitzigmannDELuge 
32.Marvin CapaulCHOpen skateboard 
33.Sebastian VorhoelterDEOpen skateboard 
34.Paul BrosigDEOpen skateboard 
35.Daniel EngelUSOpen skateboard 
36.Martin BrunnerCHOpen skateboardMasters
37.→ Unpaid IDF memberATWomen 
38.Daniele AldinucciITLuge 
39.Till HeidenCHOpen skateboard 
40.Quirin IlmerATOpen skateboard 
41.Janto JustDEOpen skateboard 
42.Abdil MahdzanMYLuge 
43.Chris McBrideUSLuge 
44.Stephen DavisNZOpen skateboard 
45.Taylor CookNZOpen skateboardJuniors
46.Elio LanglaisFROpen skateboard 
47.Timofey MihalevRUOpen skateboard 
48.Dominic SchenkCHOpen skateboard 
49.Germain DagevilleFROpen skateboard 
50.Kolby ParksCALuge 
51.Benjamin SteinerCHOpen skateboard 
52.Carlos SchärerCHOpen skateboard 
53.Mikel Echegaray DiezESLuge 
54.Emily ProssUSOpen skateboardWomen
55.Jort SwitijnkNLOpen skateboard 
56.Pete ConnollyGBOpen skateboardMasters
57.Sawyer KulmanUSOpen skateboard 
58.Olivier GerlingFRLuge 
59.Joffrey HaagFRLuge 
60.Peter EliotGBLuge 
61.Brandon DesJarlaisUSOpen skateboard 
62.Parker SchmidtUSOpen skateboard 
63.Santiago Gonzalez SalaberryAROpen skateboard 
64.Anastasiia AkentevaRUOpen skateboardWomen
65.Dmitriy TarasovRUOpen skateboard 
66.Kevin RohfritschFRLuge 
67.Brodie OwensAUOpen skateboard 
68.Ivan BorzevRUOpen skateboard 
69.Anders IndeSEOpen skateboard 
70.Matteo RodinisAUOpen skateboard 
71.Arthur SpuhlerCHOpen skateboard 
72.Josh EvansAUOpen skateboard 
73.Brennan BastAUOpen skateboard 
74.Gustav Funck NorrhällSEOpen skateboard 
75.Oscar Rodriguez EscoinESOpen skateboard 
76.Will StephensonGBLuge 
77.Cassandra DuchesneCAOpen skateboardWomen
78.Adam WestfallUSOpen skateboard 
79.Paloma Acha DoradoESWomen 
80.Chase HillerUSOpen skateboard 
81.Morgan OwensUSOpen skateboard 
82.Luis GarciaESOpen skateboardMasters
83.Daina BanksUSOpen skateboard 
84.Benjamin Jackson-LegrosCAOpen skateboard 
85.Guido CipollaITOpen skateboard 
86.Kyle ConnellyUSOpen skateboard 
87.Tanner MorelockUSOpen skateboard 
88.Lachie ReAUOpen skateboard 
89.Karen Van RompayBEOpen skateboardWomen
90.Alexander VasilyevRUOpen skateboard 
91.Santiago EspecheAROpen skateboard 
92.Ryan FarmerUSLuge 
93.Anne PoursinFROpen skateboardWomen
94.Ian FreireBROpen skateboard 
95.Daniel MinskyUSOpen skateboardJuniors
96.Nicolas DesmaraisCAOpen skateboardMasters
97.Sabrina AmbrosiAROpen skateboardWomen
98.Justin RouleauUSOpen skateboard 
99.Zak MaytumUSOpen skateboard 
100.Davis LanhamAUOpen skateboard 
101.Clayton ArthursCAOpen skateboard 
102.Candy DunganUSOpen skateboardWomen
103.Marlon BrenesCRMasters 
104.Alex CharlesonCAOpen skateboard 
105.Nando JurgensNLLuge 
106.Tom BoermanNLOpen skateboard 
107.Bruno Vidal VieiraBRJuniors 
108.Tim WhiteAUOpen skateboard 
109.Ryan BonifasUSOpen skateboard 

Riders p/nationality

  • US - 18
  • FR - 14
  • CH - 11
  • DE - 10
  • AU - 7
  • ES - 6
  • CA - 6
  • RU - 5
  • IT - 5
  • GB - 4
  • AR - 3
  • NL - 3
  • SE - 3
  • AT - 3
  • BE - 3
  • NZ - 2
  • CR - 2
  • BR - 2
  • MY - 1
  • CZ - 1

Riders p/category

  • Open skateboard - 85
  • Luge - 17
  • Women - 11
  • Masters - 7
  • Juniors - 6

There are riders from 20 different nationalities attending this event.

Camping is free, but riders are obligated to pay tourist tax, which is € 2,50 per person, per night.