Arirang Hill Fest 2017

Event info

Dates 28/04 - 30/04/17
City/Country JeongSeon-gun, South Korea
Type World Qualifying Series
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Registration info

Registration fee $ 150.00
Registration starts Open
Rider limit 200

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Jonghyun Woo @

Arirang Hill Fest 2017

The Arirang Hill Fest WQS 2017 will be the first ever IDF event in South Korea.


  • Closest airport is INCHEON airport
  • Shuttlebus for riders : We had only one way(Seoul to ArirangHill) but we add one more shuttle(Seoul to Arirang Hill, Arirang Hill to Seoul).
  • Shuttlebus schedule: 
    • Seoul to Ariranghill: am 11:00 27th Aprip(Thu) /shuttle location:  Yeonnam-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul
    • ArirangHill to Seoul:  pm 13:00 1. May (Mon) from Ariranghill campsite
    • more info:


There are both campsite and housing solution:
  • Campsite: It is free for riders. campsite can be used by riders and their staff. Bring your own camping supplies. (can use shower, electric)
  • Indoor accomodations: For the riders who want an indoor accommodation we prepared a form for help with the booking system, please follow this link→
  • More info :



Aririang Hill
Aririang Hill

Arirang Hill Fest 2017 Poster

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Rider list

# Name Nat.Nat. Category 1 Category 2
1.Abdil MahdzanMYLuge 
2.light LiuTWOpen skateboard 
3.Zak Mills-GoodwinAUOpen skateboard 
4.Miao HoTWOpen skateboard 
5.Daniel EngelUSOpen skateboard 
6.Elissa MahNZOpen skateboardWomen
7.Dale SmithAUOpen skateboard 
8.Cameron HancockAUOpen skateboard 
9.Will StephensonGBLuge 
10.Thomas BloemendalAUJuniors 
11.Benjamin HayAUOpen skateboardMasters
12.Sean WooHKOpen skateboardJuniors
13.Isaac WooHKOpen skateboard 
14.Jzann Wei TangTWOpen skateboard 
15.Ray TongHKOpen skateboard 
16.Harry ClarkeAUOpen skateboard 
17.Michael O'KeeffeAULuge 
18.Gwanho MoonKROpen skateboard 
19.Areum Amy JungKROpen skateboardWomen
20.Mason ShinKROpen skateboardJuniors
21.Taejoo ParkKROpen skateboardMasters
22.MinSoo KimKROpen skateboard 
23.Seunghun LeeKROpen skateboard 
24.Jin-Hee YooKROpen skateboard 
25.Kyung Hun KimKROpen skateboardMasters
26.Roh JinyeopKROpen skateboard 
27.Max MandlAUOpen skateboard 
28.Robert BurnsHKOpen skateboardJuniors
29.Victor Hyungkwon HaKRMasters 
30.Kyunghun LeeKROpen skateboard 
31.Julia BarklowUSWomen 
32.Dayeon WeeKROpen skateboardWomen
33.Santiago EspecheAROpen skateboard 
34.AJ JiHee HongKROpen skateboardWomen
35.Brennan BastAUOpen skateboard 
36.Kaila Dasol JungKROpen skateboardWomen
37.Ian YuKROpen skateboard 
38.Sour ChanTWOpen skateboard 
39.Yao-Kuo ChenTWOpen skateboard 
40.Bruce WuTWOpen skateboard 
41.Nicolas RaynerAUOpen skateboard 
42.Daniel GuzzardiAUOpen skateboard 
43.Taewoo KimKROpen skateboard 
44.E ChanHKOpen skateboard jongjunKROpen skateboardMasters
46.Shijie CaoCNOpen skateboard 
47.Hoi Ki LawHKOpen skateboard 
48.A.J ChengTWOpen skateboard 
49.Daina BanksUSOpen skateboard 
50.Nelson ChengTWOpen skateboard 

Riders p/nationality

  • KR - 17
  • AU - 11
  • TW - 8
  • HK - 6
  • US - 3
  • CN - 1
  • NZ - 1
  • MY - 1
  • GB - 1
  • AR - 1

Riders p/category

  • Open skateboard - 44
  • Women - 6
  • Masters - 5
  • Juniors - 4
  • Luge - 3

There are riders from 10 different nationalities attending this event.

Camping and lunch will be free for riders and staff.