Name Date Rego Country Type
Newton's 17/2 Closed Australia WC
Keeping it High 14/4 Closed Philippines WQS
Arirang Hill Fest 28/4 Closed South Korea WQS
Yaku Raymi NOW Closed Peru WQS
Apac Championship 9/6 Open Brazil WC
La Leonera DH 17/6 Open Colombia WQS
Laguna DH 23/6 Open Mexico WQS
King's Gate 13/7 Open Austria WC
Kozakov Challenge 19/7 Open Czech Republic WC
Verdicchio Race 26/7 Open Italy WQS
Teolo 3/8 Open Italy WQS
Apex Mountain Challenge 12/8 t.b.a. Canada WQS
Killington Throwdown 8/9 t.b.a. United States WC


Dates are in European format: day/month.
Times are UTC +2
t.b.a. = to be announced
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