This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

Name IDF # Nationality Category
Danny West 4580 GB GB Skateboard
Dante Andre Olmedo Talavera 4794 PY PY Skateboard
Dante Moyano 2832 PE PE Skateboard
Dariel Rodriguez 1744 PR PR Skateboard
Darin Ferguson 3028 AU AU Interested other
Darius Escandar 651 US US Luge
DaSol Jung 4802 KR KR Skateboard
Dave Atess 1851 US US Skateboard
Dave Miller 49 AU AU Luge
Dave Morton 780 US US Skateboard
Dave Süess 4370 CH CH Skateboard
David Angelus 3284 US US Skateboard
David Aparicio 598 US US Skateboard
David Berntsson 135 SE SE Skateboard
David Bubier 3798 US US Skateboard
David Cameron 4734 AU AU Luge
David Christen 1992 CH CH Skateboard
David Dean 1712 US US Luge
David Driscoll 3772 US US Skateboard
David Eberhard 3604 US US Luge
David Evans 24 AU AU Skateboard
David Fábek 894 CZ CZ Skateboard
David Hernandez 607 CO CO Skateboard
David Hill 3417 AU AU Skateboard
David Lombardi 2385 IT IT Skateboard
David M Jimenez Molina 2633 CR CR Skateboard
David Marcos 4642 ES ES Skateboard
David Marcos 4640 ES ES Skateboard
David Marinero 2744 BR BR Skateboard
David Mitchell 3361 US US Skateboard
David Morales 4035 CL CL Luge
David Penny 47 AU AU Skateboard
David Prause 4603 US US Luge
David Price 74 US US Skateboard
David Ramirez 746 US US Skateboard
David Robertson 1000 AU AU Events
David Sanchez 1261 ES ES Skateboard
David Schmidt 818 SE SE Skateboard
David Sim 2823 ZA ZA Skateboard
David Streibl 2372 DE DE Skateboard
David Suarez Ramos 1656 CO CO Skateboard
David Suarez Romos 2730 CO CO Skateboard
David Tannaci 1082 TO TO Skateboard
David Thompson 4404 AU AU Luge
David Townsend 550 US US Skateboard
David Traina 380 AU AU Skateboard
David Zacarias 3616 MX MX Skateboard
David Zacarias Mandujano 1424 MX MX Skateboard
David-Alexander Dabic 2262 DE DE Skateboard
Davide Carls 4363 CH CH Skateboard
Davide Gabriele Longhin 1143 IT IT Luge
Davis Gill 3353 US US Skateboard
Davis Lanham 4762 AU AU Skateboard
Dawid Pietraszewski 2956 PL PL Skateboard
Dayeon Wee 4795 KR KR Skateboard
Daz Von Wulf 4729 AU AU Luge
Dean Adickes 3374 US US Skateboard
Dean McBournie 1854 US US Luge
Dean Ozuna 1380 US US Skateboard
Déberson Fernando Oliveira 4196 BR BR Skateboard
Déberson Oliveira 2734 BR BR Skateboard
Débora Sass De Almeida 1629 BR BR Skateboard
Decio Lourenco 1867 ZA ZA Skateboard
Deen Mondt 71 NL NL Skateboard
Dejan Djukic 4388 AU AU Skateboard
Dejaune Jones-Norman 360 US US Skateboard
Deniz Kneer 2118 DE DE Skateboard
Dennis Eriksson 1345 SE SE Skateboard
Dennis James Factura 1959 PH PH Skateboard
Dennis Manougian 4637 US US Skateboard
Dennis Westphal 2201 SE SE Skateboard
Denny Allison Bohrer Klein Silva 1542 BR BR Skateboard
Derek Rabelo 2551 BR BR Skateboard
Derout Amaury 4531 FR FR Skateboard
Deryck Szymczak 808 BR BR Skateboard
Devin Nowlin 998 CA CA Skateboard
Devon Reece 645 US US Skateboard
Devon Scarborough 3177 NZ NZ Skateboard
Dexter Manning 729 CA CA Skateboard
Dick 001 4511 CN CN Luge
Didier Fertray 1258 FR FR Skateboard
Diego Alemparte 88 CL CL Skateboard
Diego Guerra 1635 PE PE Skateboard
Diego José Gavidia Miranda 4673 SV SV Skateboard
Diego Nabarro 4662 BR BR Skateboard
Diego Nicolas Ortiz Basualdo 4189 AR AR Skateboard
Diego Poncelet 4778 ES ES Skateboard
Diego Poncelet 4779 ES ES Skateboard
Diego Schäberle 2758 BR BR Skateboard
Dillon Frazier 297 AU AU Skateboard
Dillon Stephens 474 CA CA Skateboard
Dina Miss 1034 DE DE Skateboard
Dion Pickles-Teller 323 CA CA Skateboard
Dirk-Jan Winnubst 4874 NL NL Skateboard
Dj Fallon 1785 US US Skateboard
Dmitri Menas 3343 US US Skateboard
Dmitriy Tarasov 4789 RU RU Skateboard
Dominic Giansiracusa 616 US US Skateboard
Dominic Pomrenski 2541 CA CA Skateboard
Dominic Rico-Gomez 3878 DE DE Skateboard