This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

Name IDF # Nationality Category
Valentin Antuna 1434 FR FR Skateboard
Valentin Castro 4267 AR AR Skateboard
Valentin Gäßler 3275 DE DE Skateboard
Valentin Polizzi Suayter 4095 AR AR Skateboard
Valentina Urrejola 4265 CL CL Skateboard
Valeria Figueroa Fuentes 1277 MX MX Skateboard
Valeria Sedano 1515 PE PE Skateboard
Valerie Vitousova 4815 CZ CZ Skateboard
Vanessa Nobrega 3899 BR BR Interested other
Vanil Caitano Da Rocha 2668 BR BR Skateboard
Vašek Čvančara 3451 CZ CZ Skateboard
Vegard Tvete 1039 NO NO Skateboard
Vicente Alonso 3477 ES ES Luge
Victor Balay 2144 FR FR Skateboard
Victor Bo Larsen 1227 NO NO Skateboard
Victor Câmara 1689 BR BR Skateboard
Victor Collini 2760 BR BR Skateboard
Victor Hugo Cabau 1503 BR BR Skateboard
Victor Hyungkwon Ha 4792 KR KR Skateboard
Victor Kerr 1693 BR BR Skateboard
Victor Nava 4506 US US Skateboard
Victor Reyes Martinez 2061 ES ES Skateboard
Victor Santander 4012 CL CL Skateboard
Victor Van Audenrode 4650 BE BE Skateboard
Victor Zuquim 3629 BR BR Skateboard
Victoria Waddington 104 CA CA Skateboard
Vil Yusupov 4805 RU RU Skateboard
Ville Hietala 108 FI FI Skateboard
Vince Vazquez 4525 PH PH Skateboard
Vincent Bastide 2362 FR FR Skateboard
Vincent Leduc 1945 CA CA Skateboard
Vincent Lee 1303 CA CA Skateboard
Vincent Parenteau 3514 CA CA Skateboard
Vinicius Castagna 1463 BR BR Skateboard
Vinícius D'Oliveira 1696 BR BR Skateboard
Vinicius Kenzo Kumasaka 4252 BR BR Skateboard
Virginia Villafañe 4279 AR AR Skateboard
Vito Menendez Herbert 1737 PR PR Skateboard
Vito Torrente 2953 ZA ZA Skateboard
Vitor Bittencourt 4023 BR BR Skateboard
Vitor Gonçalves Amaral 1647 BR BR Skateboard
Vitor Perez 4145 BR BR Skateboard
Vitor Rosalino 4887 BR BR Skateboard
Viviana Andrea Lopez Herran 4869 CO CO Skateboard
Vojta Zacek 861 CZ CZ Skateboard
Vojtěch Roudnický 4879 CZ CZ Skateboard
Vyacheslav Kim 2593 KR KR Skateboard
Waldy Lugo Jimenez 3089 PR PR Skateboard
Waltar Guiterrez Cardenas 1582 PE PE Skateboard
Walter Eduardo Flores Matias 2467 PE PE Skateboard
Walter Gimenez 4020 AR AR Luge
Walter Gutierrez 2830 PE PE Skateboard
Walter Junior 4858 BR BR Skateboard
Warner Endert 556 CA CA Skateboard
Wei She 4490 CN CN Skateboard
Wellington Santos 2856 BR BR Skateboard
Wendelin Potz 505 DE DE Skateboard
Werner Baxter 2934 ZA ZA Skateboard
Wes O'Brien 1905 US US Skateboard
Wes Sampson 1350 CA CA Skateboard
Weslei Leal Rech 2767 BR BR Skateboard
Weyder Nascimento Lourenço 2824 BR BR Skateboard
Wilder Mendoza 2838 PE PE Skateboard
Will Airton Sebben 2578 BR BR Skateboard
Will Alberts 4564 CA CA Skateboard
Will deYoung 4753 US US Skateboard
Will Morphett 423 AU AU Skateboard
Will Smallwood 719 CA CA Skateboard
Will Stephenson 917 GB GB Luge
William Beaulieu 3721 CA CA Skateboard
William Brunson 1514 US US Skateboard
William Chung 3671 CA CA Skateboard
William Condon 436 CA CA Luge
William Fogel 1850 US US Skateboard
William Gibson 4328 AU AU Skateboard
William Hauer 3949 US US Skateboard
William Humphres 1830 US US Skateboard
William Monk 4726 US US Luge
William Morris 1734 AU AU Skateboard
William Myrvold 554 US US Luge
William Ortiz Rodrigues 4473 BR BR Skateboard
William Ortiz Rodrigues 4472 BR BR Skateboard
William Royce 383 US US Skateboard
William Seal 3607 US US Skateboard
William Seynaeve 1432 BE BE Skateboard
Willian Rubim De Carlen 4132 BR BR Skateboard
Wilmar Antonio Garcia Pereira 1641 CO CO Skateboard
Wing Tsun 4507 CN CN Skateboard
Winston Fox 220 AU AU Skateboard
Wolfgang Coleman 543 CA CA Skateboard
Wong Lung Sunny 4787 HK HK Skateboard
Wout Vanneste 1838 BE BE Skateboard
Wyatt Gibbs 407 US US Skateboard
Wyatt Matthews 512 CA CA Skateboard
Wyatt Nieland 4590 US US Skateboard
Xavier Salazar 4600 US US Skateboard
Yabnell Mercado 2056 US US Skateboard
Yamamoto Martin Eduardo 2628 AR AR Skateboard
Yamil Rivera 671 PR PR Skateboard
Yan Bertinati 1612 BR BR Skateboard