This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

Name IDF # Nationality Category
Pablo Santamaría Iborra 4644 ES ES Skateboard
Pablo Suarez 4133 AR AR Skateboard
Paddy Howard 3152 NZ NZ Skateboard
Päivi Tuovinen 3408 FI FI Skateboard
Paloma Acha Dorado 2512 ES ES Skateboard
Pamela Diaz 1846 DO DO Skateboard
Pan Diemer 2029 DE DE Skateboard
Paolo Villacorta 1955 PH PH Skateboard
Parker Schmidt 4501 US US Skateboard
Pascal Jean 2454 CA CA Skateboard
Patrice Espau 2261 FR FR Luge
Patricio Garza 2135 MX MX Skateboard
Patrick Brooks 3351 US US Skateboard
Patrick Haluska 419 US US Skateboard
Patrick Hurel 1054 AU AU Skateboard
Patrick Leslie 4372 AU AU Skateboard
Patrick Lombardi 2110 IT IT Skateboard
Patrick Schep 1051 US US Skateboard
Patrick Switzer 68 CA CA Skateboard
Patrick Walker 3290 AU AU Skateboard
Patrick Welsh 1919 US US Skateboard
Patrick Wilkinson 3144 US US Skateboard
Patrik Komůrka 4592 CZ CZ Skateboard
Patrik Orlainsky 4595 AT AT Skateboard
Paul Brosig 2098 DE DE Skateboard
Paul Carey 326 AU AU Skateboard
Paul Clarke 77 AU AU Industry
Paul Dickie 3207 US US Industry
Paul Garny 4455 US US Skateboard
Paul Garny 4454 US US Skateboard
Paul Gwillim 295 AU AU Skateboard
Paul Lizares 3416 US US Skateboard
Paul Nilsen-Borrell 1156 GB GB Skateboard
Paul Song 3869 CA CA Skateboard
Paul Trice 4791 GB GB Luge
Paula Margarita Martinez Rodriguez 643 CO CO Skateboard
Paula Velardez 4260 AR AR Skateboard
Paulo Andre Costa 1561 BR BR Skateboard
Paulo Cesar Rodriguez Zarate 4832 PE PE Skateboard
Paulo Pedro Poltronieri 660 BR BR Skateboard
Paulo Pereira 2143 PT PT Skateboard
Paulo Torres 1481 BR BR Skateboard
Pavel Filipets 2397 CZ CZ Skateboard
Pavel Zajíc 1429 CZ CZ Skateboard
Pearse D'Arcy 1086 IE IE Skateboard
Pedmars Alfeche 568 PH PH Skateboard
Pedro Antunes 1701 BR BR Skateboard
Pedro Batista 4179 BR BR Skateboard
Pedro Benitez 1556 CO CO Skateboard
Pedro Braga 1685 BR BR Skateboard
Pedro Camargo 4719 BR BR Skateboard
Pedro Frangulis 349 BR BR Skateboard
Pedro Freitas Gibram Silva 2908 BR BR Skateboard
Pedro Henrique Oliveira Azevedo 1524 BR BR Skateboard
Pedro Leal 3726 BR BR Skateboard
Pedro Medula 2921 BR BR Skateboard
Pedro Meireles 1686 BR BR Skateboard
Pedro Oliver 4804 ES ES Skateboard
Pedro Ramos 3120 US US Skateboard
Pedro Virginio Barbosa 3097 BR BR Skateboard
Pelayo Ramos 4639 ES ES Skateboard
Pelayo Ramos 4641 ES ES Skateboard
Per Christner 358 SE SE Skateboard
Pete Connolly 1021 GB GB Skateboard
Pete Oni Wouters 664 BE BE Luge
Peter Andersson 1971 SE SE Skateboard
Peter Delhaas 65 NL NL Skateboard
Peter Eliot 429 GB GB Luge
Peter Eubank 838 US US Skateboard
Peter Fritz Siason 4784 PH PH Skateboard
Peter Johnston 206 AU AU Skateboard
Peter Kamischke 619 DE DE Skateboard
Peter Lafreniere 2183 US US Skateboard
Peter Morin 762 US US Skateboard
Peter Watson 2134 US US Skateboard
Petr Novák 2027 CZ CZ Skateboard
Petter Lindheim Reinem 3702 NO NO Skateboard
Philip Crow 172 US US Skateboard
Philip Cumming 3146 NZ NZ Skateboard
Philip Elsser 1723 CA CA Skateboard
Philip Mazza 2140 US US Skateboard
Philip Renners 2016 DE DE Skateboard
Philip Rethus 120 AU AU Luge
Philip Sacks 3227 US US Skateboard
Philip Skaar 1940 US US Skateboard
Philipp Ammann 2039 CH CH Skateboard
Philipp Arnold 4517 DE DE Skateboard
Philipp Liermann 1236 DE DE Skateboard
Philipp Schickor 117 DE DE Skateboard
Philippe Berthelet 2509 CA CA Skateboard
Philippe Rulleau 3453 FR FR Luge
Phill Champion 4749 AU AU Luge
Phublio Porras 1583 PE PE Skateboard
Pier-Olivier Desmarais 1941 CA CA Skateboard
Piero Mestanza 1412 PE PE Skateboard
Pierre Anton Bautista 1964 PH PH Skateboard
Pierre Dudon 4468 FR FR Skateboard
Pierre Fromenteil 492 FR FR Luge
Pierre Hardillier 3430 FR FR Skateboard