This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

Name IDF # Nationality Category
Marcelo Destefani 40 CL CL Skateboard
Marcelo Llopiz 3646 AR AR Luge
Marcelo Rios 1416 MX MX Skateboard
Marcelo Salvi 3821 BR BR Skateboard
Marcelo Santos 59 BR BR Skateboard
Marco Arroyo Torres 1466 PE PE Skateboard
Marco Del Cuadro 1908 US US Skateboard
Marco Izquierdo 4151 PE PE Skateboard
Marco Magallanes 1518 PE PE Skateboard
Marco Palafox 3617 MX MX Skateboard
Marco Vidales 153 CO CO Skateboard
Marco Zeni 4653 IT IT Skateboard
Marcos Carbonell 1598 CO CO Skateboard
Marcos Costa 2174 UY UY Skateboard
Marcos Da Costa 444 BR BR Luge
Marcos Diniz Paiva 1527 BR BR Skateboard
Marcos Mendez 2563 AR AR Skateboard
Marcos Paiva 287 BR BR Skateboard
Marcos Vergara 3055 BR BR Events
Marcus Aldinucci 156 IT IT Skateboard
Marcus Bandy 610 US US Skateboard
Marcus Jarlson 1106 SE SE Skateboard
Marcus Tjernström 2289 SE SE Skateboard
Marek Grucka 1091 PL PL Luge
Marek Tomáš Mirčev 4878 CZ CZ Skateboard
Marek Vanourek 158 CZ CZ Skateboard
Maria Alejandra Chiappe Niño 2652 CO CO Skateboard
Maria Esyutina 1229 RU RU Skateboard
Maria Nunez 2149 US US Skateboard
Mariana Machačná 4844 CZ CZ Skateboard
Mariano Brun 1520 AR AR Skateboard
Mariano Conti 2092 IT IT Skateboard
Mariano Correa 1606 PE PE Skateboard
Mariano Gentili 2260 AR AR Skateboard
Marie Bougourd 29 FR FR Skateboard
Marieke Ulrich 2271 DE DE Skateboard
Mariela Santiago 1738 PR PR Skateboard
Mario Alberto Marquez Hernandez 1395 MX MX Skateboard
Mario Jardim 453 BR BR Luge
Mario Marquez 2199 MX MX Skateboard
Mario Nathaniel Umali 4554 PH PH Skateboard
Marius Bouillet-Peralta 4585 FR FR Skateboard
Marius Jørgensen 425 NO NO Skateboard
Marjorie Romeo 4524 FR FR Skateboard
Mark Acerado 1978 PH PH Skateboard
Mark Anderson 292 AU AU Luge
Mark Barfield 3625 US US Skateboard
Mark Burford 3755 GB GB Skateboard
Mark Esser 775 US US Skateboard
Mark Fleetwood 689 GB GB Luge
Mark Hepple 1159 AU AU Skateboard
Mark Lloyd Garde 4463 PH PH Skateboard
Mark Maidman 3162 GB GB Luge
Mark Meidinger 4470 US US Skateboard
Mark Moore 832 IE IE Skateboard
Markus Theil 315 DE DE Skateboard
Marlon Barquero Cubero 4686 CR CR Skateboard
Marlon Gerardo Brenes Sdegura 4654 CR CR Skateboard
Marlon Souza Sacramento 1522 BR BR Skateboard
Marta Oñós Menéndez 2408 ES ES Events
Martí Font 4818 ES ES Skateboard
Martijn Schrama 2382 NL NL Skateboard
Martin Benvenuti 455 AR AR Skateboard
Martin Bitzer 2114 DE DE Skateboard
Martin Brunner 4379 CH CH Skateboard
Martin Depass Cheek 2323 US US Skateboard
Martin Diaz Yarza 4796 UY UY Skateboard
Martin Dominik Kratochvil 902 CZ CZ Skateboard
Martin Edoff 454 SE SE Skateboard
Martin Guiterrez 1621 PE PE Skateboard
Martin Herman 1095 CZ CZ Skateboard
Martin Hull 2050 GB GB Luge
Martin Hult 1112 SE SE Skateboard
Martin Klawitter 2025 SE SE Skateboard
Martin Kratochvil 4519 CZ CZ Skateboard
Martin Mackey 763 US US Skateboard
Martin Nörl 417 DE DE Skateboard
Martin Sanna 3895 AR AR Skateboard
Martin Verholen 1080 DE DE Luge
Martin Villagrana 3618 MX MX Skateboard
Martin Witzigmann 1115 DE DE Luge
Marvin Capaul 3280 CH CH Skateboard
Marvin Lorff 4876 DE DE Skateboard
Mason Good 4503 US US Skateboard
Mason Good 631 US US Skateboard
Mason Shin 4618 KR KR Skateboard
Mateo Saldarriaga Cantu 2577 CO CO Skateboard
Mateus Brandao Cavinato 1617 BR BR Skateboard
Mateusz Maka 2229 PL PL Skateboard
Mateusz Olszowy 3160 PL PL Skateboard
Matheus Chagas 4122 BR BR Skateboard
Matheus Felicio 526 BR BR Industry
Matheus Gatolini 4715 BR BR Skateboard
Matheus Pereira 2020 BR BR Skateboard
Mathew Kroetsch 942 CA CA Skateboard
Mathew Wasilenkoff 4612 CA CA Skateboard
Mathias Lang 310 DE DE Luge
Mathieu Lombardie 2284 FR FR Skateboard
Mathiws Braudigan Quiros 4690 CR CR Skateboard
Matias Alejandro Andrada 4272 AR AR Skateboard