This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

Name IDF # Nationality Category
Fabian Robles 2522 CR CR Skateboard
Fabiano Ferretti 1121 IT IT Skateboard
Fabio Minnig 3412 CH CH Skateboard
Fabrizio Clausi 3421 ES ES Skateboard
Facundo Reinaldo Germegnani 4100 AR AR Skateboard
Fadel Ramadhan 1853 ID ID Skateboard
Fagner Lara 2675 BR BR Skateboard
Fahrim Azrul 225 MY MY Events
Fairuz Felix 182 MY MY Skateboard
Faiza Chaouch 922 FR FR Interested other
Falke Nehren 1444 CA CA Skateboard
Fanny Ahlm 1125 SE SE Skateboard
Febre Agustin 4237 AR AR Skateboard
Federico Barboni 1158 IT IT Skateboard
Federico Falco 4486 IT IT Skateboard
Federico Larco 1625 PE PE Skateboard
Federico Prieto Samperio 2055 ES ES Skateboard
Federico Vander Vaart 4143 AR AR Skateboard
Felipe Barroco 1597 BR BR Skateboard
Felipe Briceno Leon 4687 CR CR Skateboard
Felipe Santiago 194 PR PR Skateboard
Felipe Vergara 2405 CL CL Skateboard
Felipe Vieira 4262 BR BR Skateboard
Felix Feddersen 4549 DE DE Skateboard
Felix Hirner 2870 ZA ZA Skateboard
Felix Prändl 2352 DE DE Skateboard
Felix Reitze 836 GB GB Skateboard
Felix Rupitsch 428 AT AT Industry
Fendy Gan 347 AU AU Skateboard
Fernando Alves 4193 BR BR Skateboard
Fernando Bailleres 179 MX MX Skateboard
Fernando Concha 1323 MX MX Skateboard
Fernando Domingos Randi Gonçalves 1288 BR BR Skateboard
Fernando Martin Pecyner 3841 AR AR Skateboard
Fernando Medeiros 1509 BR BR Skateboard
Fernando Ortiz 2170 MX MX Skateboard
Fernando Ramos Mallma 1540 PE PE Skateboard
Fernando Rocha 1313 BR BR Skateboard
Fernando Rodrigo de Medeiros 4471 BR BR Skateboard
Fernando Rodriguez 4149 PE PE Skateboard
Fernando Trasobares Pradas 1282 ES ES Skateboard
Fernando Vega 3585 MX MX Skateboard
Fidel Casas 1493 VE VE Skateboard
Fifer Figueroa 53 MX MX Skateboard
Filippo Salerni 887 IT IT Skateboard
Finbarr Crowley 3470 IR IR Skateboard
Finlay Wilson 4323 AU AU Skateboard
Finn Cantrill 4345 AU AU Skateboard
Finn Weber 4649 IE IE Skateboard
Fiorella Conroy 1475 PE PE Skateboard
Flavien Vidal 1104 FR FR Skateboard
Flor Fernandez Ramseier 1423 MX MX Skateboard
Florent Carles 4776 FR FR Skateboard
Florian Fellner 2390 DE DE Skateboard
Florian Wagner 833 AT AT Skateboard
Flurin Steiert 829 DE DE Skateboard
Fonzie Forsman 2318 SE SE Skateboard
Francesca Avallone 3489 IT IT Skateboard
Francesca Rosario 149 US US Skateboard
Francis Boileau 3426 CA CA Skateboard
Francis Bourguignon 1962 CA CA Skateboard
Francis Cooper Darquea Mauro 2207 US US Skateboard
Francis Côté-Tremblay 747 CA CA Skateboard
Francisco Duran 3793 AR AR Skateboard
Francisco Javier Betanzos Lozada 1417 MX MX Skateboard
Francisco Ortiz Pellegrini 4227 AR AR Skateboard
Francisco Pascual Del Cuadro Vásquez 1636 PE PE Skateboard
Francisco Santos 2803 BR BR Skateboard
Franco Mercelino 4509 PH PH Skateboard
Francois Gonthier 2456 CA CA Skateboard
Frank Coté 3533 CA CA Skateboard
Frank Williams 34 US US Luge
Franky Sommer 1299 DE DE Skateboard
Franz Brian A Solasco 2010 PH PH Skateboard
Franziska Kublank 2184 DE DE Skateboard
Fred Baumann 4724 US US Events
Freddy Chancellor 776 US US Skateboard
Frédéric Hinot 1370 FR FR Luge
Frédéric Levtchenko 1314 FR FR Skateboard
Frédérick Kapune 3483 CA CA Skateboard
Frédérique Berdon 3454 FR FR Luge
Fredric Jacobsen 1405 NO NO Skateboard
Fredrik Berven 1187 NO NO Skateboard
Fredrik Lindstrom 1470 SE SE Skateboard
Fredrik Rogbrant 3682 SE SE Skateboard
Gabe Messa 4575 US US Skateboard
Gabi Murray-Roberts 1878 ZA ZA Skateboard
Gabriel Abbatizzi 1570 AR AR Skateboard
Gabriel Campelo 2799 BR BR Skateboard
Gabriel Corder 3942 BR BR Skateboard
Gabriel Del Sol Huerfano Del Llano 2629 CO CO Skateboard
Gabriel Drachemberg 4702 BR BR Skateboard
Gabriel Gobbi 2906 BR BR Skateboard
Gabriel Kopplin Carrilho 2716 BR BR Skateboard
Gabriel Kramer 3825 BR BR Skateboard
Gabriel Martinez 1761 PR PR Skateboard
Gabriel Pacheco 3961 BR BR Skateboard
Gabriel Pucheu 1618 BR BR Skateboard
Gabriel Reyes 3116 US US Skateboard
Gabriel Saldivar 2171 MX MX Skateboard