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A Downhill Skateboarder and Event Producer from Vancouver Canada, known for founding the Whistler Longboard Festival, The Britannia Classic, Skate Sun Peaks and the IDF.


I/O Merino, Skoa Trucks and Zealous Bearings

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Cash Purse to the 2016 World Tour Champions

Cash Purse to the 2016 World Tour Champions

CONGRATULATIONS to the Tour Champions and all IDF racers and organizers on a great 2016 Season. The IDF board has been hard at work and for the 2nd year in a row, budgeting a $8,000 USD cash purse for the 2016 World Tour Champions.


Teolo WQS, Venice Italy

Teolo WQS, Venice Italy

Teolo, Italy, 25°C/ 77ºF. Downhill athletes from across Europe and beyond have gathered in the mountains above Venice for the 13th year of the Teolo Downhill World Qualifying Series (WQS) Event.


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