Apex Mountain Challenge is cancelled

[actionlogger]We are very to sorry to announce that the Apex Mountain Challenge, which was supposed to take place next weekend in Canada, has been cancelled, due to a lack of registrations.

Apex Mountain Challenge 2017

Please accept my greatest apologies. I am cancelling the race due to lack of funding. Unfortunately, only 9 people have pre-registered, which does not even cover the cost of hay bales. I cannot forsee a way of pulling the event together successfully. I am greatly sorry to any of you who were looking forward to this. Farron Hughes on Facebook

Berry Plasman

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Berry, or Beee as he's known by friends, is a downhill fan from the flattest country in the world. He supports the IDF during races and online, like building/maintaining the (new) IDF website. Next to that he runs Freerides.org, Sk8whls.com and SkateSafe.org.