Ruapehu Gravity Festival WQS gets Cancelled

In unfortunate news, the Ruapehu Gravity Festival 2017 WQS Race has been cancelled.

To say that the IDF is disappointed would be a significant understatement. The IDF has committed various resources for this event, but in spite on earlier agreements, the Mount Ruapehu Ski Resort Authority at a corporate level has decided to cancel the event.

For those that are already schedule to fly to New Zealand, we hope you can link up with our NZ brothers to ride some of their awesome mountains in preparation to Newtons World Cup.

This will affect various people differently and while we are significantly concerned about the financial impact on various parties, the IDF is now looking forward to the lead off event of the IDF World Tour Newtons World Cup 2017 at Mount Panorama, Bathurst. The return of this iconic Mount Panorama event, will have riders and administrators salivating at the prospect of the top Pro's during battle on this intense World Cup Track.