Practice Day in 7 Curves

Styles differ

Agues de Lindoia, city located near Campinas North of Sao Paulo hosts this weekend the Ósecond meeting of the IDF World Cup in South America.

The race track goes far beyond the expectations that you might have been thinking about a technical track: 7 bended hairpins, from where it takes its name , are steep, narrow and follow each other with sections of medium length straights but with a great acceleration. The black asphalt makes it a very aggressive road and definitely it will be a very interesting race.
Although the IDF World Champion for 2016  Carlos Paxião has already been designated by the past race Mega Grand Prix, the  Brazilians and Americans contendors at the top of the rankings are still in the game and it all will be defined in this final battle.


This afternoon the freeride runs took place and most of them were on dry track.

Curva 3 y 473 riders will tomorrow take their qualifying runs all day.


Written by

Federico Barboni (@barbezio)