Cash Purse to the 2016 World Tour Champions

The IDF board has been punching the numbers and have rewarded an $8,000 USD total cash purse for the 2016 World Tour Champions.

For the 2nd year in a row the world body come to the table to reward our winners in this way. Why are we doing this? We think our members deserve it, and it's a small step in the the right direction for the top riders and title contenders who invest so much in the World Tour.

We all love watching the best go toe-to-toe on the toughest, most technical, and insane downhill tracks in the world. But we also recognize the extra effort you put in signing autographs and giving advice to local kids and fans, promoting and drawing attention to our events, and the endless travel to far-flung areas of the world to promote downhill racing.

We know you do it because you love racing and the community around it. We believe World Tour Champions should be fully recognized as the best of the best and the IDF is now offering a significant reward to reflect this.

Open Skateboard - Brazilian Domination 
$2500 - Tour Champion - Carlos Paixão (BRA)
$1500 - 2nd Place - Thiago Lessa (BRA)
$1000 - 3rd Place - Max Ballesteros (BRA/USA)


Women's Skateboard - Prossecutor
$1000 - Tour Champion - Emily Pross (USA) - Also 7th in OPEN!


Junior Skateboard
$1000 - Tour Champion - Ed Kiefer (USA)


$500 - Tour Champion - Abdil Mahdzan (MYS)


$500 - Tour Champion - Ben Hay - (AUZ)


CONGRATULATIONS to the Tour Champions and all IDF racers/organizers on a great 2016 Season. See you in January for the start of the 2017 Tour in New Zealand and Australia!

Lee Cation

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A Downhill Skateboarder and Event Producer from Vancouver Canada, known for founding the Whistler Longboard Festival, The Britannia Classic, Skate Sun Peaks and the IDF.