Festival de la Bajada Qualifying: Paixão takes pole

Carlos Paxiaio @ Festival de la Bajada 2015After seven timed runs on Day 2 a surprising leader emerged; former Teutonia champion, Brazilian Carlos Paixão.

Earlier in the day Thiago Gomes Lessa had the best time on course with a record breaking 1:51:396, a mere 0.06 seconds ahead of Mexican Oscar Gutierrez, but Gutierrez struck back in his fourth run, blasting into the lead with an impressive 1:50:475 and confirming that his 2nd place at Lomalinda DH 2015 was not a fluke.

The wind changed in the afternoon, allowing Carlos Paixão to strike with a 1:49:808, and none could go faster. Paxiao is currently ranked 6th in the world but was thought to favour straighter tracks rather than the twists and turns of Sibate.

With a high class field including current No.1 ranked Dillon Stephens, the stage is set for some epic racing tomorrow.