Switzer Threepeats at Maryhill

Trevor Ovenden, Kyle Chin, Scott Lembach, and Jake Wilkinson. Photo: Brad Miller

Maryhill, USA - In a day of blistering hot temperatures and controversial protests, Patrick Switzer took out the Maryhill Festival of Speed for the third time, while Elena Corrigal won the Womens. Dejaune Jones-Norman won his first ever World Cup Juniors race, while Mikel Echegaray Diez completely dominated the field to take out both Classic Luge and Street Luge.

Over seven years the Maryhill Festival of Speed has established itself as one of the premier skateboarding events in the world, with a track that is perfectly suited to tight and exciting racing. This year was no exception, with many races coming down to the wire, and plenty of controversial incidents in the final corners as riders attempted to find the optimal position to come out in front.

Kevin Reimer, Jonas Richter and Riley Harris - Photo: Brad Miller

Earlier in the event the track record was broken by Kevin Reimer, who was consistently several seconds faster than his rivals. However his chance for the win evaporated in the semi-finals when for the first time in the event he was caught in the middle of the pack in the final corner and was disqualified for touching another rider, sending Max Ballesteros into the hay.

The Open Final featured some tight racing, but Patrick Switzer emerged from the pack to take the win, closely followed by Thiago Gomes Lessa, Zak Maytum, Max Ballesteros, Key Dougherty, and Danky Dean Ovalhe. In the women's final Georgia Bontorin from Brazil was leading when Amanda Powell appeared to collide with her from behind in the straight, causing a pile up and allowing Elena Corrigal to cruise into first place, with Marie Bougourd and Katie Nielson filling out the podium.

Similarly the Juniors Final featured a pile up allowing Dejaune Jones-Norman to take his first ever World Cup win, beating out favorites Roger Jones and Connor Ferguson.

Andrew Chapman. Photo: Brad Miller

Mikel Echegaray Diez set the course record for Street Luge, and dominated all his races, with only Keith Henderson in the Classic Luge coming close to causing an upset.

Open Skateboard Results

1 Patrick Switzer Canada

2 Thiago Gomes Lessa Brazil

3 Zak Maytum United States

4 Max Ballesteros Brazil

5 Key Dougherty United States

6 Danky Dean Garcia Ovalhe Brazil

7 Kevin Reimer Canada

8 Jonas Richter Brazil

9 Riley Harris Canada

10 Jimmy Riha United States

11 Andrew Chapman Canada

12 Timothy Del Rosario United States

13 James Kelly United States

14 Tyler Gregg United States

15 Roberto Cobian Puerto Rico

16 Nicolas Desmarais Canada

17 Spencer Smith United States

18 Chip Wood United States

19 Nick Breton Canada

20 Trevor Ovenden United States

21 Alex Tongue United States

22 Max Gradlmiller Canada

23 Jose Guzman Puerto Rico

24 Max Wippermann United States

25 Ryan Ricker United States

26 Robin McGuirk United States

27 Zen Shikaze Canada

28 Tommy Watson United States

29 Luke Melo Canada

30 Rafael Garrido Sanchez Spain

31 Max Meurling Sweden

32 Louis Pilloni United States

33 Dillon Stephens Canada

34 Alysson Garcia Brazil

35 Rain Daley United States

36 Connor Wagner United States

37 Scott Lembach United States

38 Maxwell Capps United States

39 Nicolas Robert Switzerland

40 Bradley Cameron United States

41 Calvin Staub United States

42 Douglas Silva Brazil

43 Ricardo Reis Brazil

44 Curtis Onchi United States

45 Jackson Wells United States

46 Drew Edwards United States

47 Zac Sharp United States

48 Will Smallwood Canada

49 Justin Rouleau United States

50 Zach Robinson United States

51 Francis Côté-tremblay Canada

52 Pedro Frangulis Brazil

53 Noah Throckmorton United States

54 Garrett Creamer United States

55 Brandon DesJarlais United States

56 Keith Henderson United States

57 Jake Wilkinson United States

58 Connor Ferguson Australia

59 Kevin Bouaich France

60 Travis Morris United States

61 Anthony Chaparro Poland

62 Fabián Gutiérrez Roa Mexico

63 Chance Gaul United States

64 Dejaune Jones-Norman United States

65 Leon Ritter Germany

66 Jackson Shapiera Australia

67 Patrick Haluska United States

68 Maxwell Dubler United States

69 Salty Sharp United States

70 Graham Buksa Canada

71 Kyle Martin Canada

72 Cam Brickenden Canada

73 Levi Green United States

74 Charles Ouimet Canada

75 Jacob Copfer United States

76 Lamin Cassama Sweden

77 Nathan Marton United States

78 Stephen Dumaine United States

79 Ethan Vinograd United States

80 John Barnet Canada

81 Colby Looney United States

82 Kyle Wester United States

83 Pablo Quiles Spain

84 Ryan Vitale United States

85 Dexter Manning Canada

86 Roger Jones United States

87 Tad Drysdale United States

88 Charlie Darragh Canada

89 Kyle Chin United States

90 Matthew English United States

91 Dre Nubine United States

92 Luis Lins Brazil

93 Jordan Hessler United States

94 Ed Lynn United States

95 Stephen Solares Guatemala

96 Aaron Breetwor United States

Womens Skateboard Results

1 Elena Corrigal Canada

2 Marie Bougourd France

3 Katie Neilson Canada

4 Amanda Powell United States

5 Georgia Bontorin Brazil

6 Alicia Fillback United States

7 Jolanda Vogler Switzerland

8 Victoria Waddington

9 Tamara Prader Switzerland

10 Anna O'Neill Canada

11 Marisa Nunez Peru

12 Dominique Vukorep Canada

13 Ayumi Oride Japan

14 Nashley Alameda United States

15 Cami Best

16 Nayhomi Cruz Puerto Rico

17 Rachel Rayne United States

18 Monica Mejia Restrepo Columbia

19 Daniela Lazo Peru

20 Tiara Perez Puerto Rico

Juniors Skateboard Results

1 Dejaune Jones-Norman United States

2 Jake Wilkinson United States

3 Roger Jones United States

4 Stephen Solares Guatemala

5 Luis Vargas Puerto Rico

6 Connor Ferguson Australia

7 Ian Russell Canada

8 Daniel Caro Mexico

9 Oliver Korman Canada

10 Philip Crow United States

11 Chance Gaul United States

12 Brian Lugbill United States

13 Jack Craddock Canada

14 Will Smallwood Canada

15 Samual Ettorre United States

16 Ethan Vinograd United States

17 Nathaniel Gomez Puerto Rico

18 Mike Schardt United States

19 Joey Nickell United States

20 David Ramirez United States

21 Kai Monroe United States

22 Jack Cooper United States

23 Sean Osterling United States

24 Elijah Vinograd United States

25 Jared Beers United States

26 Ethan Denton United States

27 Bryan Sheehy United States

28 Conner Stanek United States

29 Estuardo Bustamante Guatemala

30 Mason Good United States

31 Tom Sass Germany

32 Sean Woolery United States

33 Deryck Szymczak Brazil

34 Greg Paproski United States

35 Ryan Calabrese United States

36 Maxim Moisanen United States

Street Luge Results

1 Mikel Echegaray Diez Spain

2 Abdil Mahdzan Malaysia

3 Mike McIntyre United States

4 Christopher Hicks United States

5 Keith Henderson United States

6 Kolby Parks Canada

7 Peter Eliot United Kingdom

8 Benjamin Zehner United States

9 Frank Williams United States

10 William Condon Canada

11 Chris McBride United States

12 Matt Bartlett United States

13 Darius Escandar United States

14 Robert Flandro United States

15 Jan Moisanen United States

Classic Luge Results

1 Mikel Echegaray Diez Spain

2 Keith Henderson United States

3 Jon Huey United States

4 Benjamin Zehner United States

5 Frank Williams United States

6 Kolby Parks Canada

7 Mike McIntyre United States

8 Riley Harris Canada

9 Christopher Hicks United States

10 Mike Paproski United States

11 Maxim Moisanen United States

12 Andrew Chapman Canada

13 Matt Bartlett United States

14 Peter Eliot United Kingdom

15 Chris McBride United States

16 Jan Moisanen United States

17 William Condon Canada

18 Patrick Switzer Canada